Phrenology is primarily focused on indications and measurements of the human skull, based on the conceit that the brain is the organ of the mind, certain areas of the brain have localized functions or modules which an adept phrenologist can "read" to uncover natural tendencies or strengths of character. Care to try your hand?

PROPENSITIES (Student Work) - Propensities, such as love of life and ideality, do not form ideas; they solely produce propensities common to animals and man.

SENTIMENTS (Student Reviews) - Lower sentiments, such as self-esteem and truthfulness, are common to man and animal. Superior sentiments, such as hope and wonder, produce emotion or feeling lacking in animals.

INTELLECTUAL FACULTIES (Teaching)- These faculties, such as language and individuality, are to know the external world and physical qualities.

REFLECTING FACULTIES (Current Work)- These faculties, such as causality and comparison, produce ideas of relation or reflection. They preside over the direction and gratification of all the other powers.
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