You can find several of the stories from my collection Inside & Out: Stories (“The Monolith,” “Big Mike,” “The Canyon,” and “The Tree”) here and elsewhere on this site. I’m also hard at work on my tentatively titled collection of humorous memoir essays, A Moveable Barbeque. These essays are loosely based around my classroom experience as a student and teacher, here and abroad, and some of these can be found here. I hope to have this essay collection completed by the early summer of 2015. I’ve started in earnest on my next novel concerning The Romulus and Remus of Adams County, Nebraska, and after years of research and a couple of starts that did not pan out, I’m getting work done there. I also have a young adult novel in the works (about 200 pages in) called Dreamory, which I should complete soon. If you have questions about any these works or their availability, please contact me and let’s chat.

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